Sunday, September 11, 2011


我下载了这个 apps,将会常常更新我的部落格!尽情期待!

Monday, March 07, 2011

hi. :)

hi, is already March now. what have I did?


This problem has made me stress and insane. Sometimes I really feel that I get a disease, so called, 忧郁症?!?!

ok, stop saying this d. I believe everything will be fine, God won't treat me so bad. Just tot as those are lessons that God wants me to learn. :)

In this March. I've planned everything.
1. Work at new company.
2. Study like nobody's business. *no matter what! I want to finish in 2 years.
3. Save money for phone, camera and iTouch. Can I?
4. Study, still.
5. Study, again.

I'll show you some photos. Enjoy

SeeHooi. 9th Feb.
I'm sorry for can't attend to your birthday. Anyway, Happy Birthday and hope you like the present. :D

Cassandra. 9th Feb too.
Happy Birthday! all the best at Perth. *Love you. xoxo*

Eevon,full time bff. *miss her so much! <3

darling. *hugs!

Sin Ee. 6th March.
will update the photos more while I get the photos. Happy Birthday. *loves. <3

Love them. <3

At last, I need helps from you guys.
You just need to sign in Facebook, go to My Profile then my Wall Photos then click *Like* at this Photo. Or you can click this, Photo and LIKE.

Thank you and appreciate alot. :D

That's all for now. Will update more when I get the photos.
Have a nice day. :D

Monday, February 21, 2011

God, please take me away from this world.
I can't stop thinking..
Tears can't stop dropping.

Please, I beg you....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chinese New Year is going to end in 3 days time. Time fliesss!
for my CNY, is just a simple gathering with families and friends. How's yours?
My Cny is just a very very simple. I'll show you some photos and enjoy everyone!

Reunion dinner.:)

First Day of CNY. :D

Cousin's DSLR. :D

Part of Aunties..

Part of cousins.

Big Sis

with auntiess. :)


My cute baby nephew.


2nd day. :D

CNY Pyjamas. ;P

What I Get In This CNY !

Last! I Wish everyone Happy Bunny Year again and wish you have a great new year!